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Commercial lawyers

Our office is conveniently located at: 801, Level 8/100 William St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011 (view in Google Maps). Our Sydney based commercial lawyers provide expert commercial legal services Australia wide.

How do our commercial lawyers help?

Every business is different.

That’s why you need tailored legal documents and advice around commercial law to protect you and the business.

Most online precedents do not properly cover you for what you’re doing if the matter went to Court, which at the end of the day, is what it’s all about isn’t it?

Having tailored documents and advice also provides you with a lot of confidence to transact in the market, knowing exactly where you stand if a dispute arises.

For most businesses, the ABCs of having tailored terms and conditions, privacy policy and appropriate legally drafted waivers or disclaimers is a basic step missed by many. They are the fundamentals to get right.

Why choose Progressive Legal as your commercial law firm?

At Progressive Legal our goal is to protect you, your business, your assets and your ideas. Our experienced commercial lawyers are dedicated to empowering small business owners with tailored legal advice and providing the right solutions to their commercial legal issues.

  • Valuable, skilled and timely legal advice
  • Effective communication and cost-efficient delivery
  • Dedicated to empowering business owners
  • Customised legal advice and solutions
  • Fixed-cost arrangements
  • Obligation-free quotes

Unlike other commercial law firms that require payment before lifting a pen, Progressive Legal do the work first and offer payment arrangements to suit your budget. Contact us today for a no-obligation free quote.

Commercial legal documents sydneyOur commercial lawyers provide customised legal guidance and are focused on providing the right solutions to your commercial legal issues.

Commercial law FAQs

What does a commercial lawyer do?

A commercial lawyer’s duties include drafting commercial legal documents, such as service agreements or supplier agreements, and assisting with the negotiation of terms between their client and a third party.

Commercial law is an umbrella term for a wide range of laws and regulations that apply to businesses and organisations. The objective of a commercial lawyer is to protect a business by putting in place legal documents which are either required by law from a compliance perspective, or just sound business – to make sure that issues either don’t happen in the first place or if they do happen, the risks are significantly reduced.

The goal really is risk reduction and risk management. Commercial lawyers will often be intimately involved in the negotiation of contracts that the business engages in to be successful, while protecting the business legally. If there are any issues, then commercial lawyers will assist to resolve commercial legal issues and ensure the legal rights of the business is protected.

What are some common commercial law legal issues?

Most commercial law issues arise from either a compliance perspective, conflict of interest, negotiations with commercial contracts, breach of privacy or some other laws by the business either without knowing the relevant laws or by pure mistake. Commercial law issues will arise frequently in business. That’s why they call it risky business. It can sometimes end up in litigation, either dispute or Court/Tribunal proceedings.

Commercial law legal issues include areas such as contracts, breaches of contracts, breaches of privacy, breaches of any relevant laws that apply to the business, employment contracts or independent contractor agreements, sale or purchase of business, intellectual property infringements, debt collection or other disputes,. Commercial law deals with issues that arise in the normal operation of businesses and enterprises.

Common commercial legal issues include:

  • Disputes with customers
  • Breaches of privacy or confidentiality
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Breaches or terminations of contracts
  • Disputes between directors or shareholders
  • Loss of licences

What services does a commercial law firm offer?

The services a commercial law firm provides will vary depending on the business structure, legal concerns, the industry and the services or goods provided. Day-to-day, it all depends on what is happening in the business.

It can be a very exciting area and commercial lawyers will often work in conjunction with the executive board, owners, and various departments of a business. It’s all about making sure that the business doesn’t get into legal trouble or disputes which can be extremely time consuming, costly and disruptive to a business.

Commercial lawyers not only work to resolve legal issues, but they also provide guidance, help businesses with documentation and help ensure your business is operating ethically and in line with the law.

Commercial law is intended to create a fair and equitable framework for people to come to engage in business and commercial interactions.

Why are commercial lawyers important?

Commercial lawyers play an important role in protecting businesses from legal issues. They help draft essential business documents and can help organisations understand the variety of complicated laws and legal documents that apply to them.

While many businesses don’t think about hiring a lawyer until a lawsuit arises, commercial lawyers can provide a host of services that may help companies operate more efficiently and avoid potential lawsuits.

Is a commercial lawyer the same as a commercial solicitor?

In NSW, the terms “commercial lawyer” and “commercial solicitor” are often used interchangeably. Both refer to legal professionals specialising in commercial law, offering guidance on various business-related legal matters. The distinction between the two terms is minimal, and the key factor is to engage a legal professional with expertise in commercial law to address your business’s specific legal needs.

“Progressive Legal have helped me resolve some commercial law issues that recently came up. Their approach is transparent, they are clear on billing costs prior to starting the work and do look to keep costs down.”

Jon Ogden, Director at Youth Lab

Commercial lawyers Sydney

Tailored commercial documents

If you need tailored commercial legal documents for your business, get in touch with us today or view our list of commercial legal documents here.