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Technology Lawyers

The rapid pace at which technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology, robotics, automation, and digitalisation, are expanding, can be challenging to keep up with.

At Progressive Legal, we understand how to uniquely balance all your business activities and innovations with your legal obligations.

Our friendly and experienced technology lawyers provide bespoke legal solutions that can assist you with all aspects of the technology space.

Our technology legal services include legal help with: drafting and reviewing Service and Licensing Agreements, data protection, protecting your Intellectual Property, dispute resolution, privacy law, litigation, and more.

Keeping Up With The Speed of Transformation

As Progressive Legal was “born in the cloud”, we get the tech space so that you’re not having to explain these types of concepts to an old “fuddy-duddy” who hasn’t bothered to keep up in this space.

We know it makes a world of difference to our clients that all that knowledge comes fairly much assumed. That gives us a head’s start to be able to advise quickly and practically when it comes to legal matters that often require urgent attention.

technology lawyers sydneyWhile you innovate, we’ll provide the right legal solutions and advice.

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Tech Law FAQs

What are some common legal issues faced by tech companies?

Common legal issues faced by tech companies include:

Intellectual Property Issues

It’s vital for you to protect your ideas and trade secrets to ensure long term financial success and brand building. It’s only when the IP of a business has been stolen or under attack, is it really clear how important that is. There’s so much IP being generated in the tech space nowadays, in some instances, it is the most important asset of that business.

If you don’t protect your IP, it can be copied and sold as there is no legal ownership of the technology. Some protective measures that can be undertaken to avoid such an instance from occurring include patents, trade mark registration, copyright, confidentiality agreements and more.

Data Protection Issues

Tech companies can face legal issues pertaining to the collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal data. Depending on the jurisdiction that the tech company operates in, it can impact the types of data the business is allowed to retain, the permissions required from individuals interacting with the technology and more. Hence, it is vital to stay up to date with data laws and regulations.

Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions Issues

Typically, the main interaction between a tech company and the consumer is either through a website or a mobile app. This means that the only agreements between the two parties are often the terms of use and privacy policy. Policies that are not well-drafted can cause uncertainty in the event of a dispute with a user, and be a liability for the business.

Lack or Absence of Employment Documentation

Typically viewed as a trivial formality, employment documentation is vital as it can lead to unseen problems which could defame the business and affect its overall reputation.

How to keep up with the speed of digital transformation and remain compliant

Some ways to keep up with the speed of digital transformation and remain compliant include:

Hiring legal counsel

Legal compliance should be a top priority as technology lawyers are experts in the field and are constantly learning, sharing and upskilling themselves to sharpen their expertise and practice innovation.

Ensure that digital compliance is embedded within  your organisation

Everyone in the business should be on board with digital compliance and the policies required to secure the business’s digital assets. Consider setting up regular audits, tracking progress, and ensuring that you have the correct tools and resources at your disposal.

Automate where possible

Many automation services often update themselves regularly to abide by changing laws that apply to businesses. As it can be challenging to stay abreast of technological changes, automation can assist with making digital compliance more seamless.

“Ian and his team have been invaluable in assisting me with my terms and conditions. He’s my in-house lawyer and go-to guy for tricky legal situations.”

Jade Green, Life Engineered

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