Policies And Procedures

Benefits of Policies and Procedures for your business

  • Achieve outcomes in accordance with your business’ values;
  • Ensure your business complies with legislation;
  • Promote a professional manner in your business;
  • Make sure that your business’ decision making and operational procedures are in line with each other;
  • Have clear processes to call on in the case of a legal dispute;
  • Be prepared by having clear procedures in place before issues arise;
  • Assist in business planning and goal setting;
  • Use as a tool to evaluate employee and business performance;
  • Make roles and tasks clear; and
  • Assist in determining accountability

What should your Policies and Procedures include?

  • The goals the policy aims to achieve;
  • Who must abide by the policy;
  • Specify what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour;
  • Outline the repercussions of breaching the policy or procedure; and
  • The date the policies and procedures have been written or updated.

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