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Commercial Law – Legal Documents*

Most online precedents do not properly cover you for what you’re doing if the matter went to Court. That’s why you need tailored legal documents and advice to protect you and the business.

Advice in relation to Confidentiality Agreement

Have you been asked to sign a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement ‘NDA’? Whether you are seeking advice in relation to drafting an agreement or need assistance in reviewing an existing NDA, we can help!

NDA’s are very important to protect your ideas, trade secrets, and confidential information. Failure to seek advice or having a poorly drafted NDA may be costly and, in some circumstances, can jeopardise your eligibility for registration of your IP rights.

$450 + GST

Deed of Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement

Considering the potential value of confidential information, such as trade secrets or financial information, it is important that you have an effective deed of confidentiality in place before disclosing sensitive information to third parties.

A well drafted NDA should include clauses addressing what information is considered ‘confidential’ and protected, the restrictions and safeguards required when handling that information, and of course the return, removal or destruction of that information when it is no longer needed.

$750 + GST

Website Terms & Conditions

Website terms and conditions set out the rules and obligations of website users when they visit your site. Depending on your business model, they may need to cover important clauses such as warranties and indemnities, Australian Consumer Law guarantees, and limitation of liability. Further, they should include more specific clauses, which may vary depending on the goods or services made available on the site. This might include terms on delivery, sign-up, and restrictions around the use of content on the site.

$1400 + GST

Event Terms & Conditions

Event terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations governing the participation and conduct of attendees at an event. They typically include details regarding ticketing, entry requirements, code of conduct, liability disclaimers, and any specific rules related to the event’s activities or services. These terms and conditions serve as a legal agreement between the event organiser and the attendees, ensuring clarity on expectations, responsibilities, and potential consequences for non-compliance during the event.

$950 + GST

Website Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is an important document that details the rights and obligations of website visitors and the business who is responsible for collecting, handling and processing the personal information of visitors to the site.

Identifying what legislation applies to your business in relation to the collection of personal information (or personal data), is important and should be reflected in your privacy policy.

For Australian businesses, the Privacy Act contains important guiding principles (the Australian Privacy Principles – APPs) that provide useful guidelines and ‘best practice’ procedures in dealing with personal information.

$550 + GST

GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

Depending on whether you offer goods or services to persons within the EU, monitor the behaviour of individuals within the EU, or have an establishment in the EU, then you need to comply with the EU GDPR Regulation. The GDPR imposes significant fines for non-compliance so it is important that businesses are up to speed with how this legislation may impact upon their privacy obligations.

$750 + GST

Waiver / Disclaimer

Waivers and disclaimers are an important aspect of risk mitigation and minimising liability for businesses.

These are particularly relevant if your business offers goods or services to customers that include an inherent risk, such as physical injury or death, when undertaking or participating in an activity.

Given the exposure to liability that a business may face in offering certain products or services that may involve serious risks to customers, it’s essential to implement tailored waivers and disclaimers in order to limit any potential liabilities.

$850 + GST

Referral Agreement / Affiliate Agreement

Referral or affiliate agreements are commercial contracts between two entities, the referrer (or affiliate) and referee. Typically, the referrer will refer customers or clients to the referee for a fee or other incentive.

It’s important to clarify the nature of the relationship between the referrer and referee (or affiliate) and clearly define the key terms of the agreement. This means having regard to the contracting status of the referrer (i.e. as an independent contractor as opposed to an employee), what constitutes a successful referral, and any other key terms such as the right to refuse a referral.

$1,400 + GST

Distribution Agreement

Distribution agreements are used when a business (often a supplier or manufacturer) wishes to appoint a distributor to sell or market their products. One of the key issues that should be considered when appointing a distributor is whether the distributor is to be engaged exclusively. This is important because an exclusive distribution agreement necessarily places a high burden on the distributor to successfully manage the expectations of the supplier or manufacturer. In that regard, it is crucial (particularly for exclusive distribution agreements) to have clear performance targets, and to have the ability to terminate the agreement if key targets are not met by the distributor.

$1,400 + GST

Supplier Agreement

Engaging the service of outside contractors and subject matter experts is a great way to grow your business quickly. We cannot, nor should we attempt to do everything ourselves. Engaging third parties can enable us to expand our skills set and capability, and set our business on the road to growth. However, it’s wiser to secure your business with supplier agreements contracts.

$1,400 + GST

Influencer Agreement

Influencer agreements are becoming more and more common, and not surprisingly given the importance of social media for promoting brand awareness.

Let’s face it, social influencers can have an incredible impact on the success (or failure) of a business or product. In that regard, it is crucial for businesses to carefully consider the terms of engagement between the business and the influencer. This means having regard to the content they post – does this need to be pre-approved? How often does content need to be posted? What about performance measures? These are just a few issues that need to considered in any influencer agreement.

$900 + GST

Consultancy Agreement

A consultancy agreement is a legally binding document outlining the terms and conditions of a professional consulting relationship between a consultant and a client. It specifies the scope of work, payment terms, project timelines, confidentiality provisions, and any other relevant obligations or responsibilities to ensure a clear understanding between both parties.

$1,400 + GST

White Label Agreement

The white label agreement is used for an arrangement where one party provides goods or services and the other party uses these goods or services under its own brand.  

This is ordinarily used where one party manufactures a generic product and supplies it to another party that brands it and sells it directly to customers. White label agreements are commonly used for the production of electronics, software and food. 

$1,400 + GST

Hire Agreement

An equipment hire agreement is frequently used by Australian businesses and is necessary in ensuring both parties are clear on the terms and conditions of the loan of that equipment.

$1,400 + GST

Corporate Law – Legal Documents*

The legal structure for your business is vitally important for success. We find that businesses don’t incorporate fast enough and leave the business owner and their assets open to risk.

Shareholders Agreement

A shareholders agreement is a binding and legally enforceable contract between shareholders of a company, which rules the relationship between the shareholders. It stipulates various issues, such as who is in control of the company, ownership and management of the company, protection of how shareholders’ rights, and how shareholders may exit the company.

Your shareholders agreement should include the following:

Shareholder funding/contributions;
Transfers of shares;
Director appointments;
Management and obligations;
Dividends and financing;
Exit strategy; and
Dispute resolution.

$3,400 + GST

Partnership Agreement

A Partnership Agreement is an agreement between two or more individuals who would like to manage and operate a business together. The goal is generally to make a profit. A partnership is a type of business structure that can have lower set up and administration costs than a company or a trust, but it’s an important step to get the partnership established in writing between the partners, by using a Partnership Agreement.

$3,400 + GST

Joint Venture Agreement

A Joint Venture is a commercial arrangement between two or more individuals or companies that is commonly used for the purpose of undertaking a specific project or general business activity or transaction with a view to profit, usually within a defined timeframe. The legal form of a joint venture can be separated into two main categories:

1.Incorporated joint ventures: The parties take up shares in a separate limited liability company, managed through its board of directors; or

2.Unincorporated joint ventures: The parties enter into a contractual relationship to pursue together a specific activity without forming a separate legal entity.

A joint venture differs from a partnership in that a partnership usually involves an ongoing, long-term business relationship in which the interests and liabilities of the parties are generally held jointly. The focus of a joint venture is usually on a business activity or transaction and the participants hold their interests and entitlements in, and are responsible for their liabilities in relation to, the joint venture separately rather than jointly.

$3,400 – $5,100 + GST