Trade Mark Monitoring or Watching Service

Trade Mark Watching or Monitoring Service

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Trade Mark Watching or Monitoring Service

Obtaining trade mark registration is just one of many steps involved in protecting your business’ core brand.

Once your trade mark is registered, it’s really important for you to actively monitor the relevant market(s) to ensure no one is infringing on your trade mark.

Whether you have a single trade mark or a large trade mark portfolio, setting up a trade mark monitoring service is an important step in protecting your brand.

We can monitor your trade marks nationally or internationally,  and while you carry on with business, we will notify you in the instance your trade mark is at risk.

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Watching services are a proactive brand protection tool used by savvy businesses to complement their broader brand monitoring services.

As part of this strategy, we offer a trade mark watching service which includes the following options:

Trade Mark Watching or Monitoring Service

1. Monthly searches of the Australian Trade Marks Register for same or similar trade marks which may be applied for;

2. Monthly searches of overseas country’s registers for same or similar trade marks; and

3. Monthly monitoring of the progress of your competitors’ trade mark applications in Australia and overseas.

Why should you monitor your registered trade marks?

Our watching service provides your business with the advantage of promptly addressing actual or potential infringement of your trade marks.

It will also enable you to take steps to prevent the dilution of your trade mark, which occurs when the Trade Marks Office allows similar marks to proceed to registration and will impact upon the enforceability of your trade mark.

How does it work?

With our trade mark watching service, you will be notified once a trade mark application has been filed for such a mark (searches done monthly).

The team at Progressive Legal will then work with you to take action to prevent that mark from proceeding to registration and, if necessary, prevent any infringement of your registered trade mark rights.

Our watching service can also be applied to your competitors’ trade marks to ensure that you are in the know at all times. Watching services on competitors will allow you to determine their business’ brand strategies and, if necessary, provide the opportunity for you to oppose any trade mark that you believe to be infringing upon your brand(s).

What are your options?

We offer tailored trade mark watching services, allowing you to choose a monthly watching service relating to:

  • your brand(s) on the relevant trade marks registers;
  • your competitor’s brand(s) on the relevant trade marks registers; and/or
  • a particular application with the intention of engaging in opposition proceedings.

How much does the trade mark watch service cost?

The starting price for our watching service is $90 + GST per trade mark, per country, per month.

No lock-in contract, cancel anytime.

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Trade Mark Monitoring FAQs

What is a trade mark watch service?

A trade mark watch service monitors changes in the trade mark register that may affect your registered trade mark. The service can alert you to applications for similar or identical marks, which might be filed in bad faith, or filed by a competitor.

A trade mark watch service will mainly search the Australian Trade Marks Register, but can also monitor the internet, and other sources of information to identify any use of your trade mark. This includes trade marks, domain names, and company logos.

Why do you need a trade mark watch service?

A trade mark watch service helps you to monitor for any possible infringement of your trademark. This is important because trade marks and IP are one of the most valuable assets that companies have, and they must be protected from misuse or infringement.

You need a trade mark watch service if you want to prevent competitor trade marks from proceeding to registration, if you want to identify trade mark infringements, and if you want to take action to protect your brand and IP.

What is eligible for trade mark protection?

A trade mark is a “badge of origin” for your brand. It’s whatever you use to distinguish your goods and services from your competitors.

For most Australian businesses, these items are generally eligible for trade mark protection:

  • the business name
  • logo
  • tag-line
  • product names
  • programs or services you want to deliver
  • derivative product logos
  • hashtags
  • favicons
  • even a jingle is possible.

Progressive Legal can advise you on the trade mark registration process, trade mark applications, objections, oppositions & submissions.

What is a trade mark infringement?

Trade mark infringement can be defined as a violation of the exclusive rights attached to a trademark without the approval or consent of the trade mark owner.

Trade mark infringement is becoming more common. With more and more business names being snapped up, domains, social media handles, company names – the chances for businesses to be stepping on other toes are increasing.

“Ian and his team helped me sort out a trademark in an efficient, uncomplicated fashion.”

Lisa Burling, LBPR

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