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What is an Equipment Hire Agreement? 

An equipment hire agreement is frequently used by Australian businesses and is necessary in ensuring both parties are clear on the terms and conditions of the loan of that equipment.

In such agreements, the owner of the property lends its property to a party called the hirer. By outlining things like late fees, return dates, and usage restrictions, an equipment hire agreement can help preventing any confusion or disputes down the road. If you own an equipment hire business such as building equipment, tools, motor-vehicles, wedding-hire, inflatables, jumping castles, soft play, other event hire equipment, or any other type of equipment, this article is for you.

When should I use a Hire Agreement?

There are a few different occasions when it might be appropriate to use an equipment hire agreement. If you’re planning on renting out expensive equipment, or if you own a hire business, or if you’re going to be using the equipment for a long period of time, it’s important to have such an agreement in place to protect both the owner and the hirer. This way, both parties can be clear about the terms of the rental and what is expected.

Jumping castle Hire Agreements

For example, one situation when an equipment hire agreement may be used is when renting out a bouncing or jumping castle for a birthday party. This type of agreement would set out the rules regarding the use of the equipment, such as specifying how many people can be on the castle at one time and what the allotted time for use is. The agreement would also state that the equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was received. This type of agreement is beneficial as it helps to avoid any misunderstandings between the parties and sets out clear expectations regarding the use of the equipment. 

Expensive or Special Equipment Hire Agreement

Some other instances when it might be beneficial to use an equipment hire agreement are if you are renting expensive or specialised equipment. This instance may be particularly beneficial to small business owners or individuals who cannot afford to buy, maintain, or store equipment that they need which is expensive or specialised.  

Event Hire Agreement

Another instance is where you are hiring equipment for a one-time event such as a wedding or party. If you need to hire a piece of equipment for a short-term project, an equipment hire agreement can help to ensure that you only pay for the time that you actually use the equipment. Lastly, it might be beneficial to use an equipment hire agreement as it can allow you to try out a piece of equipment before making a booking. 

What are the key terms to include in a hire agreement?

When entering into an equipment hire agreement, there are a few key terms that should be included in order to protect both parties involved. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Parties’ details;
  2. Equipment description;
  3. Hire details: hire period, possibility of extension, return of equipment, refund policy (if any);
  4. Fees and payment terms;
  5. Use, operation and maintenance;
  6. Disclaimer;
  7. Warranties;
  8. Indemnity;
  9. Taxes;
  10. Loss, damage or breakdown;
  11. Insurance.

Key takeaways

An equipment hire agreement is an important legal document that should be used when hiring any type of equipment. The agreement should include key terms and conditions, as well as the responsibilities of both the hirer and the owner of the equipment. 

By using a hire agreement, both parties can rely on a written agreement in case of any disputes, issues or accidents. 

Hire Agreement Cost

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