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Explore the impressive roster of businesses partnered with Progressive Legal. From industry leaders to innovative startups, each client is a testament to our commitment. Discover our clients’ stories and visit their websites to witness the success firsthand.

fernwood fitness- our clients

Fernwood Fitness

Fernwood Fitness is a leading women’s gym dedicated to empowering a diverse community of women to achieve their health and fitness goals. With a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, state-of-the-art facilities, and expert guidance, Fernwood offers a holistic approach to wellness that fosters strength, confidence, and overall well-being.

gymshark - our clients


Gymshark is one of the world’s premier fitness brands, celebrated for its stylish and performance-oriented activewear. Gymshark offers a diverse range of athletic wear that blends fashion and function. Catering to a global community, Gymshark’s commitment to quality and contemporary style makes it an essential for those seeking cutting-edge workout attire.

medical edge- our clients

Medical Edge

Medical Edge Australia is a cutting-edge healthcare provider specialising in advanced medical solutions. With a focus on innovation and personalised care, they offer a wide range of medical services, leveraging the latest technologies and a team of skilled professionals. Patients experience top-tier healthcare that prioritises accuracy, comfort, and well-rounded treatment.

drive yello- our clients

Drive Yello

Drive Yello drives innovation in the delivery industry, offering a dynamic platform connecting businesses with a network of on-demand drivers. Through cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes, Drive Yello revolutionises last-mile delivery, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Businesses gain a competitive edge by harnessing this adaptable solution to optimise their delivery operations.

wotbox- our clients


WOTBOX redefines innovation in container architecture and design. Specialising in customised solutions, they create unique, functional spaces from shipping containers. From eco-friendly office spaces to stylish retail pop-ups, WOTBOX transforms ideas into reality. With sustainable practices and creative engineering, they craft spaces that are both environmentally conscious and aesthetically inspiring.

pet biz- our clients

Pet Biz Creatives

Pet Biz Creatives is a leading marketing agency exclusively catering to pet-centric businesses. With a deep understanding of the pet industry, they offer tailored marketing strategies that capture the essence of each brand. From pet products to services, their expertise in digital marketing and branding helps clients connect with their audience, fostering growth and loyalty within the thriving pet community.

evia yogurt- our clients

Evia Yogurt

Evia Yogurt stands as a premium yogurt business celebrated for its exceptional quality and commitment to health-conscious consumers. Crafted from the finest ingredients, Evia offers a delectable range of yogurt products that are both delicious and nutritious. With a dedication to sustainability and mindful consumption, Evia Yogurt presents a delectable way to savor wellness.

legal home loans- our clients

Legal Home Loans

Legal Home Loans is Australia’s exclusive mortgage brokerage for lawyers, blending specialised knowledge with a suite of services. They offer bespoke home finance solutions, including residential or investment home loans, working capital facilities for practices, and loans for chambers. With access to over thirty lenders, they ensure a tailored fit for each client’s unique needs.

cooks- our clients

Cooks Confectionary

Cooks Confectionery is a confectionary business renowned for crafting exquisite handmade sweets. With a passion for quality and a touch of nostalgia, they create a delightful range of candies and confections. Using traditional recipes and premium ingredients, Cooks Confectionery delivers a taste of indulgence that harks back to simpler, sweeter times.

octavian- our clients

Octavian Group Pty Ltd

Octavian Group Pty Ltd is a forward-thinking business conglomerate known for its diversified portfolio and global presence. With a strategic approach to investments, they excel in industries ranging from finance to technology. Octavian’s commitment to innovation and ethical business practices drives their success, making them a prominent player in today’s dynamic corporate landscape.

made- our clients

Made Agency

Made Agency is a creative marketing and branding agency that elevates brands to new heights. Their innovative design and strategic solutions breathe life into businesses across various industries. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a data-driven approach, Made Agency delivers visually captivating and results-oriented campaigns, helping clients leave a lasting impression in the competitive market.

reclaim therapy- our clients

Reclaim Therapy

Reclaim Therapy is a trusted occupational therapy practice based in Australia. Committed to improving the lives of their clients, they provide expert, personalized therapeutic services. Specializing in rehabilitation, mental health, and disability support, Reclaim Therapy offers compassionate care that empowers individuals to regain their independence and enhance their overall well-being.

neldner road- our clients

Neldner Road

Neldner Road, nestled in the picturesque Barossa Valley, is a renowned destination for wine enthusiasts. With a rich history and commitment to crafting exceptional wines, they offer a diverse range of varietals. Visitors can savour the flavours of the region in a serene setting, making Neldner Road a must-visit winery for those seeking a quintessential Barossa wine experience.

one playground- our clients

One Playground

One Playground is a premier fitness center that transcends traditional workouts. With state-of-the-art facilities and innovative training programs, it offers a holistic approach to wellness. From cutting-edge equipment to expert trainers, One Playground is where fitness meets fun, making it a top choice for individuals seeking to achieve their health and fitness goals.

the basalt group - our referral partners

The BASALT Group

The BASALT Group, an innovative legal consulting firm, is renowned for its global expertise in improving the operations of law firms and in-house legal teams, by the application of Legal Project Management, Legal Process Improvement, Legal Operations and Legal Leadership consulting and training solutions. They are your trusted partner in your legal transformation journey.

females in food- our clients

Females in Food

Females in Food is a dynamic initiative dedicated to empowering women in the food industry. Through networking, education, and mentorship, they foster professional growth and leadership among women in this field. Committed to diversity and culinary innovation, Females in Food is a catalyst for positive change and equality in the food world.

novum global- our clients

Novum Global

Novum Global is a pioneering firm specialising in careers, talent acquisition, and business advisory services tailored to the legal and legal technology sector. With deep industry knowledge, they provide strategic guidance and support, enabling businesses to thrive in this dynamic field. Novum Global is your partner in navigating the legal industry.

focus care- our clients

Focus Care

Focus Care is a leading healthcare provider known for its exceptional commitment to patient well-being. With a range of services, including elderly care, disability support, and healthcare staffing, they prioritise compassion and quality in their work. Focus Care is a trusted partner for healthcare organisations proving support services.

symmetry mental health - our clients

Symmetry Mental Health

Symmetry Mental Health is a compassionate mental health service committed to holistic well-being. Offering personalised counseling and therapy, they prioritise mental health through a blend of traditional and innovative approaches. With a dedicated team of professionals, Symmetry Mental Health provides support for individuals seeking balance and resilience.

snowy monaro carpentry and construction group - our clients

Snowy Monaro Carpentry and Construction Group

Snowy Monaro Carpentry and Construction Group is a reputable construction firm excelling in quality craftsmanship. Based in the picturesque Snowy Monaro region, they specialise in residential and commercial projects. With a focus on precision, reliability, and client satisfaction, they’re your go-to choice for construction services.

keeko oral care - our clients

Keeko Oral Care

Keeko Oral Care is a distinguished brand dedicated to redefining oral health and wellness. Focused on natural and effective oral care solutions, Keeko offers a range of innovative products like oil pulling kits and charcoal toothbrushes. With a commitment to sustainability and a passion for healthy smiles, Keeko Oral Care delivers a refreshing approach to dental hygiene.

bondi icebergs gym - our clients

Bondi Icebergs Gym

Bondi Icebergs Gym, set against the stunning backdrop of Bondi Beach, is a renowned fitness destination for individuals of all fitness levels. Offering a wide range of services aimed at enhancing health and fitness, this gym prides itself on fostering an inclusive environment. Bondi Icebergs Gym provides the perfect setting for achieving your wellness goals.

digital learning partners - our clients

Digital Learning Partners

Digital Learning Partners is a leading education consultancy, specialising in innovative e-learning solutions. Committed to transforming traditional learning models, they provide tailored strategies for educational institutions and businesses. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and engaging content, Digital Learning Partners empowers clients to navigate the digital landscape.

fst media - our clients

FST Media

FST Media is a premier media company at the forefront of financial services and technology insights. Renowned for organising cutting-edge conferences, webinars, and forums, FST Media facilitates dialogue and knowledge exchange among industry leaders. With a focus on innovation and industry trends, FST Media is a go-to platform for professionals.

fashion equipped - our clients

Fashion Equipped

Fashion Equipped is a leading consultancy specialising in empowering fashion businesses. With a comprehensive suite of services, they provide strategic guidance in areas such as design, production, and business development. Fashion Equipped is committed to nurturing creativity and helping fashion entrepreneurs navigate the industry successfully.

glamworn waste equipment - our clients

Glamworn Waste Equipment

Glamworn Waste Equipment is a distinguished provider of waste management solutions, offering innovative and efficient equipment for various industries. With a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology, Glamworn specialises in waste compaction and disposal solutions and their products are designed to enhance operational efficiency.

workshop whisperer - our clients

Workshop Whisperer

Workshop Whisperer is a trusted consultancy catering to the automotive repair industry. With a focus on business coaching and management strategies, they empower workshop owners and managers to enhance efficiency and profitability. Workshop Whisperer’s expertise in navigating the challenges of the automotive sector makes them an invaluable resource.

peg paste - our clients

Peg Paste

Peg Paste is a standout in natural oral care, offering a toothpaste crafted from wholesome ingredients. With a commitment to simplicity and effectiveness, Peg Paste provides a refreshing alternative to conventional toothpaste. Free from artificial additives, it harnesses the power of natural elements to promote oral health, perfect for those seeking clean dental care.

lahana swim - our clients

Lahana Swim

Lahana Swim is a distinctive swimwear brand celebrated for its bold designs and modern aesthetics. With a focus on empowering individuals to express their unique style, Lahana Swim offers a diverse range of swimsuits that blend fashion-forward trends with comfort. Their commitment to quality and inclusivity makes Lahana Swim a reputable swim brand.

universal practice - our clients

Universal Practice

Universal Practice is a holistic wellness platform that combines healthcare and design innovation. With a focus on providing a transformative healthcare experience, they offer services such as physiotherapy, pilates, and mindfulness. Universal Practice stands out for its commitment to merging clinical expertise with modern design, creating a space that fosters healing and well-being.

atelier wealth - our clients

Atelier Wealth

Atelier Wealth stands as a premier mortgage brokerage firm in Sydney. Specialising in mortgage solutions, they assist clients in navigating the complex world of home financing. With a commitment to tailored advice and exceptional customer service, Atelier Wealth is a trusted partner for individuals seeking expert guidance and seamless mortgage experiences.

archistar - our clients


Archistar is a cutting-edge proptech company revolutionising the real estate industry. Renowned for its innovative platform, Archistar utilises AI to streamline property development. From design to feasibility analysis, Archistar empowers architects, developers, and urban planners to make data-driven decisions, enhancing efficiency and creativity.

vcla media - our clients

VCLA Media

VCLA Media is a dynamic media agency, recognised for its innovative approach to visual communication and storytelling. Specialising in video production and content creation, VCLA Media transforms ideas into compelling narratives. With a keen eye for creativity and technical expertise, they provide businesses and brands with captivating visual solutions.

shift 8 - our clients


Shift8 is a forward-thinking technology consultancy, acclaimed for its expertise in digital transformation and innovation. Specialising in software development, cloud solutions, and IT strategy, Shift8 empowers businesses to navigate the evolving digital world. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies and client-centric solutions, Shift8 is a trusted partner for organisations.

gsa management - our clients

GSA Management Consulting

GSA Management Consulting is a distinguished management consultancy known for its strategic guidance and expertise in government affairs. They specialise in Strategy, Service Delivery Improvement and Governance, Risk and Compliance. GSA works shoulder to shoulder with clients to design, implement and review tailored solutions to fit their unique needs.

oz car parts - our clients (1)

OZ Car Parts

Oz Car Parts is a reputable automotive parts supplier, known for its extensive range and quality products. Oz Car Parts caters to a diverse range of vehicle makes and models. With a commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction, they provide automotive enthusiasts and repair professionals with a one-stop solution for their parts needs, making Oz Car Parts a trusted name in the industry.

orion marketing- our clients

Orion Marketing

Orion Marketing empowers small to medium businesses through digital marketing, SEO, and web design. Their hands-on approach, led by founder Marshall Thurlow, ensures concrete results. They simplify marketing, allowing their clients to focus on their strengths. With personalised strategies they guide new ventures and established brands toward success in the digital realm.

foundry - our clients

Foundry Intellectual Property

Foundry IP is a prominent intellectual property law practice, specialising in patent, design and trade marks. Renowned for its expertise in protecting innovation, Foundry assists businesses in navigating the complexities of IP. With a commitment to safeguarding clients’ creative assets, they provide strategic guidance for securing patents, designs and trade marks.

whav - our clients

Wonder Foods Australia

Wonder Foods specialises in providing high-quality supplements designed to enhance health and well-being. With a commitment to delivering premium nutritional products, their supplements are crafted to meet diverse wellness needs. From vitamins and minerals to specialised formulations, Wonder Foods aims to support individuals in achieving their health goals.

eyebrow styling - our clients

Eyebrow Ink Styling

Eyebrow Ink Styling is a premier beauty studio specialising in eyebrow enhancement and styling services. Renowned for their expertise in semi-permanent makeup, they offer tailored solutions to enhance and define eyebrows. With a focus on precision and artistic flair, Eyebrow Ink Styling provides clients with natural-looking and long-lasting results.

employee matters - our clients

Employee Matters

Employee Matters specialises in outsourced HR and Recruitment services, acting as an in-house team for businesses aiming to enhance profitability, sustainability, and productivity through effective people management. They offer expert HR consultancy, recruitment solutions, and strategies, ensuring businesses of all sizes can maximise their human capital.

alert locks & security - our clients

Alert Locks & Security

Alert Locks & Security provides locksmith and security solutions across Sydney’s North Shore, offering 24/7 services for commercial and residential needs. With over 31 years of expertise, their team delivers emergency lockout services, master key systems, advanced electronic locking, and security systems. They enhance security with cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions.

assist group - our clients

Assist Group

Assist Group offers comprehensive HR health solutions and occupational health services, including pre-employment medicals, manual handling training, drug and alcohol testing, and ergonomic assessments. With over 30 years of experience, they aim to prevent serious injuries and ill health through their services, offering fast results and appointments with a commitment to quality and safety.

vitalsignrx - our clients


VitalSignRx offers a total practice automation solution, streamlining healthcare processes from booking to billing. The platform facilitates seamless patient paperwork, assessments, and contactless check-ins, enhancing efficiency and compliance. Designed for healthcare providers seeking comprehensive automation, VitalSignRx ensures superior efficiency across healthcare practices​.

the positive lawyer - our clients


The POSITIVE Lawyer provides a groundbreaking, unique online learning platform and coaching service. They support all practicing lawyers and legal support staff to improve performance; boost productivity; increase resilience; reduce stress; transform ways of working; and unlock their potential. They empower legal professionals to achieve personal and professional excellence, for a more fulfilling and successful career.

temple spa - our clients

The Temple Skincare & Spa

Temple Skincare & Spa, located in Castle Hill, offers a luxurious sanctuary for skin, mind, and body rejuvenation. They provide a wide range of treatments including advanced skin care, medi-spa services, and beauty enhancements in an award-winning spa environment. Their services cater to enhancing both wellness and beauty, supported by expert staff and a tranquil setting.

the accounting division - our clients

The Accounting Division

The Accounting Division is a Sydney-based firm offering comprehensive accounting services tailored to small businesses. They provide expert support in tax accounting, business advisory, and Xero software integration, aiming to enhance financial clarity and operational efficiency for their clients. Their approach includes personalised consultations and strategic planning.