A case study in defamation

One couple that found this out the hard way had shared on facebook that a neighbour (with whom they had been in a dispute with over his dogs) was “known to police” and “may or may not be related to satan”.

Check out the article from the Sydney Morning Herald here.

The judge found that defamatory imputations had been published, and awarded a verdict of over $14,000. However, with various other “side issues” involved in the proceedings (including arguments in Court over timing of apologies and other interlocutory skirmishes), the defendants’ legal bill exceeded $80,000 and placed them in peril of bankruptcy.

If you think a post or review is defamatory, you can contact us and we can give you some options.

If the material is trivial, it may be a good PR exercise to ask the poster to take down the post and see what you can do to mend the customer relationship.

At other times, it may be that a cease and desist letter is warranted.