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On this page we link to our different legal guides. Each guide has been carefully drafted to provide as much practical information to you as possible. We discuss different aspects of different types of law, from trade mark law to defamation, and what it means to you.

guide to defamation in Australia

Your Guide to Defamation in Australia

In this guide, we discuss everything to do with defamation in Australia. From practical considerations to bringing a defamation claim, and defamation defences to damages, we cover the essentials. Read this guide for an in-depth crash course on defamation.


Your Complete Trademark Guide in Australia

Our trademark guide is a must-read for businesses looking to protect their intellectual property and establish a strong brand presence. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, trademarks are essential in today’s competitive business landscape.

business name

Your Guide to Business Names in Australia

This comprehensive guide to business names provides entrepreneurs and business owners with insights into the process of naming a business. From legalities to branding, it explores the key aspects of business names in our dynamic market.


Affidavits in Australia: Your Essential Guide

The affidavit plays a crucial role in the legal system, serving as sworn written statement used in Court proceedings and other legal matters. Read this guide to understand affidavits in Australia, including their purpose, requirements, and key considerations. 

checklist for starting a business in australia

Starting a Business in Australia Checklist

If you’re in the process of building a new business, it is essential to adopt sound business practices and set up a comprehensive checklist. This checklist will not only help you streamline your operations but also pinpoint areas where adjustments may be necessary.

intellectual property in australia

Intellectual Property in Australia – Checklist for Businesses

We have created this IP checklist as a practical guide to assist businesses as IP has significantly increased in value over the last 20 years. It is likely, that you, and many others are not sufficiently aware of how much valuable IP has actually accumulated in your business.  

finding your TFN

Guide to finding your Tax File Number

Tax file numbers are unique identification numbers issued by the Australian Taxation Office and they’re required for various financial and administrative transactions. This guide delves into the vital aspects that are crucial to understand TFNs.