Our Referral Partners

Meet our referral partners: successful businesses and industry leaders across Australia

Explore our esteemed network of referral partners at Progressive Legal. From established industry giants to pioneering startups, each partner exemplifies our dedication to fostering valuable connections. Delve into the stories of our partners and visit their websites to witness the collaborative success stories we’ve co-created.

orion marketing- our clients

Orion Marketing

Orion Marketing empowers small to medium businesses through digital marketing, SEO, and web design. Their hands-on approach, led by founder Marshall Thurlow, ensures concrete results. They simplify marketing, allowing their clients to focus on their strengths. With personalised strategies they guide new ventures and established brands toward success in the digital realm.

obsidian advisory- our referral partners

Obsidian Advisory

Obsidian Advisory is a distinguished accounting firm situated in Sydney, Australia. With a reputation for excellence and precision, they offer a comprehensive suite of financial services. Their expert team provides tailored solutions in areas like taxation, auditing, and financial planning. Obsidian Advisory is a trusted partner for businesses and individuals seeking financial clarity.

murchisons- our referral partners

Murchisons Chartered Accountants

Murchisons Chartered Accountants is a reputable firm known for its financial expertise and commitment to client success. They provide a wide array of accounting and financial services, including tax planning, auditing, and business advisory. Murchisons stands as a trusted partner for businesses navigating complex financial landscapes.

clio- our referral partners


Clio is a prominent name in legal practice management software. Their innovative solutions empower legal professionals to streamline their workflows, manage cases efficiently, and provide excellent client service. With a user-friendly interface and robust features, Clio is the trusted choice for lawyers and law firms looking to optimise their practice and enhance productivity.

deeper look- referral partners


DeeperLook Web Design is a creative agency celebrated for its innovative approach to web development and design. Situated at the intersection of technology and artistry, they craft visually stunning and highly functional websites. DeeperLook’s expertise extends to user experience, ensuring websites not only look impressive but also engage and convert visitors.

FinData- our referral partners


FinData is a dynamic firm specialising in comprehensive financial and data-driven solutions. With a deep understanding of both accounting principles and data analytics, they offer a unique blend of services to their clients Australia-wide. Findata assists businesses in optimising financial strategies, managing data efficiently, and making informed decisions.

betts legal- referral partners

Betts Legal

Betts Legal is a distinguished law firm known for its dedication to legal excellence and client-focused services. Located in Geelong, they provide a wide array of legal expertise, including but not limited to, corporate law, litigation, and estate planning. Betts Legal has a history of successful legal representation and a strong commitment to client satisfaction.

cherry black- our referral partners

Cherry Black

Cherry Black Tax Accountants, located in Perth, is a trusted firm known for their expertise in tax and financial matters. They provide comprehensive tax solutions and financial guidance. With superior attention to detail, Cherry Black is the go-to choice for individuals and businesses seeking top-tier tax and financial services.

legal home loans- our referral partners

Legal Home Loans

Legal Home Loans is Australia’s exclusive mortgage brokerage for lawyers, blending specialised knowledge with a suite of services. They offer bespoke home finance solutions, including residential or investment home loans, working capital facilities for practices, and loans for chambers. With access to over thirty lenders, they ensure a tailored fit for each client’s unique needs.

net documents


NetDocuments is a leading document and email management platform tailored for legal professionals. Renowned for its robust security and collaboration features, NetDocuments streamlines document workflows, ensuring secure access from anywhere. It’s the go-to solution for law firms seeking efficient, secure, and collaborative document management.

payam data recovery- referral partners

Payam Data Recovery

Payam Data Recovery is a leading data recovery service provider, renowned for its expertise in retrieving lost or damaged data. With state-of-the-art technology and a team of skilled professionals, Payam specialises in recovering data from various storage devices, including hard drives, SSDs, and more. They are committed to confidentiality and success.

referral partners

The Legal Costs Consultants

The Legal Costs Consultants is a reputable firm specialising in legal cost management. Situated at the intersection of legal expertise and financial acumen, they offer meticulous cost analysis and management services. With a commitment to transparency and efficiency, The Legal Costs Consultants provide valuable support to law firms and legal practitioners.

watts mccray lawyers - our clients

Watts McCray Lawyers

Watts McCray Lawyers, a leading Australian family law firm for over 40 years, provides expert guidance in Separation, Divorce, Mediation, Child Support, Parenting, Spousal Maintenance, Property Settlement, Asset Protection, and Dispute Resolution. Clients trust their seasoned team for efficient dispute resolution and effective court representation.

foundry - our referral partners

Foundry Intellectual Property

Foundry IP is a prominent intellectual property law practice, specialising in patent, design and trade marks. Renowned for its expertise in protecting innovation, Foundry assists businesses in navigating the complexities of IP. With a commitment to safeguarding clients’ creative assets, they provide strategic guidance for securing patents, designs and trade marks.

construction legal - our referral partners

Construction Legal

Construction Legal is a reputable law firm specialising in construction law and related legal services. With a focus on the construction industry, they provide expert advice and representation for contractors, developers, and other stakeholders. Offering tailored legal solutions to navigate contracts, disputes, and regulatory compliance effectively, they are committed to legal excellence.

mosaic tax legal - our referral partners

Mosaic Tax Legal

Mosaic Tax Legal is a distinguished law firm specialising in tax law and legal services. Renowned for its expertise in navigating complex tax regulations, Mosaic Tax Legal provides strategic advice to individuals and businesses. With a focus on precision and client satisfaction, they offer tailored solutions for tax planning, compliance, and dispute resolution.

pocket legal - our referral partners


PocketLegal is a progressive legal consultancy known for its innovative approach to immigration law. Specialising in visa and migration services, they provide personalised guidance to individuals and businesses navigating the complexities of immigration processes. Committed to efficiency and client satisfaction, PocketLegal offers practical solutions for migration.

heckenberg lawyers - our referral partners

Heckenberg Lawyers

Heckenberg Lawyers specialize in wills and estates and are renowned for their expertise in estate planning and probate matters. The firm provides comprehensive legal services to individuals and families and are committed to sensitivity and precision. Heckenberg Lawyers guides clients through the complexities of wills, trusts, and estate administration.

northern beaches lawyers - our referral partners

Northern Beaches Lawyers

Northern Beaches Lawyers specialises in wills and estates, offering expert legal services tailored to the unique needs of clients in the Northern Beaches area. With a commitment to providing compassionate and reliable legal support, Northern Beaches Lawyers is a trusted choice for those seeking expertise in the field of wills and estates within the local community.

law partners - our referral partners

Law Partners

Law Partners is a law firm known for its comprehensive services and client-focused approach. With expertise across various legal areas, including personal injury law, workers’ compensation, and motor vehicle accidents, Law Partners provides expert representation. Committed to securing the best outcomes, they offer legal solutions that focus on accessibility and empathy.

wsc grpup - our referral partners

WSC Group

WSC Group is a prominent financial and business advisory firm, offering a wide range of services to businesses and individuals. Renowned for their expertise in accounting, taxation, and business consulting, WSC Group provides tailored solutions to navigate financial complexities. With a commitment to client success, they offer strategic advice and support.

hannan accounting - our referral partners

Hannan Accounting

Hannan Accounting is a trusted accounting firm known for its expertise in financial services. Specialising in accounting, taxation, and business advisory, Hannan Accounting provides comprehensive solutions for individuals and businesses. With a commitment to accuracy and client satisfaction, they offer personalised financial guidance and support.

leapsheep - our referral partners


LeapSheep is an innovative business consultancy specialising in transforming ideas into scalable business models. With a focus on accelerating revenue, profit, and social impact, LeapSheep guides entrepreneurs through strategic growth without unnecessary expenditure. By providing expert advice and a roadmap for success, LeapSheep maximises businesses’ potential.

lamont law - our referral partners

Lamont Law

Lamont Law is a distinguished legal firm specialising in criminal and traffic law. Renowned for its expertise and commitment to defending individuals facing legal challenges, Lamont Law provides strategic legal representation. With a focus on criminal defense and traffic-related matters, their experienced lawyers secure the industry leading outcomes for clients.

alprin law - our referral partners

Alprin Law

Alprin Law is a distinguished law firm specialising in trade marks, offering comprehensive services in the United States and globally. Renowned for their expertise in intellectual property, Alprin Law assists businesses in securing and protecting their trade marks. With a focus on both domestic and international markets, they provide strategic guidance throughout the registration process.

springbird IP - our referral partners

Springbird IP

Springbird IP is a reputable intellectual property firm, providing expert services in patents, trade marks, and intellectual property strategy. With a global perspective, they assist clients in navigating the complexities of intellectual property law. Springbird IP’s commitment to innovation and protection makes them a trusted choice for protecting businesses and individuals.

Gerben Law

Gerben Law is a distinguished law firm specialising in trade mark law, offering comprehensive services to businesses in the United States. Renowned for their expertise in trade mark registration and protection, Gerben Law assists clients in navigating the complexities of intellectual property. Providing strategic guidance and tailored solutions, they stand out as a trusted partner.

hart & co lawyers - our referral partners

Hart & Co Lawyers

Hart & Co Lawyers is a prominent legal firm specialising in employment and commercial law. Renowned for their expertise in navigating the complexities of workplace and business legal matters, they offer comprehensive services to clients. With a focus on providing strategic legal advice and innovative solutions, Hart & Co Lawyers are a reliable choice for legal guidance.

better business decisions - our referral partners

Better Business Solutions

Better Business Decisions, led by Liz Jarvis, offers expert financial mentoring for business owners. With over 35 years of experience, Liz specialises in demystifying finance, guiding clients to financial clarity and success. Her services focus on understanding numbers, reducing financial anxiety, and achieving savings, all within a supportive, judgment-free environment.

amco public accountants - our referral partners

AMCO Public Accountants

AMCO Public Accountants was founded in 1997 in Bankstown. Their founding partner, Danny Mazevski, decided after a long career in Corporate Accounting as well as Deloitte, to invest his learnings in creating a better financial future for the community. Since then, AMCO have been providing tax and financial advice for the ordinary tax payer, professionals and SMEs.

employee matters - our referral partners

Employee Matters

Employee Matters specialises in outsourced HR and Recruitment services, acting as an in-house team for businesses aiming to enhance profitability, sustainability, and productivity through effective people management. They offer expert HR consultancy, recruitment solutions, and strategies, ensuring businesses of all sizes can maximise their human capital.

jork consulting - our referral partners

Jork Consulting

Jork Consulting specialises in marketing strategy and training for professional service firms. They offer webinars, CPD training, custom marketing strategies, and leadership development to enhance your firm’s presence and performance. With a focus on practical, results-driven marketing, they aim to equip clients with lifelong skills to achieve measurable returns on marketing investments.

digital learning partners - our clients

Digital Learning Partners

Digital Learning Partners is a leading education consultancy, specialising in innovative e-learning solutions. Committed to transforming traditional learning models, they provide tailored strategies for educational institutions and businesses. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and engaging content, Digital Learning Partners empowers clients to navigate the digital landscape.

fashion equipped - our clients

Fashion Equipped

Fashion Equipped is a leading consultancy specialising in empowering fashion businesses. With a comprehensive suite of services, they provide strategic guidance in areas such as design, production, and business development. Fashion Equipped is committed to nurturing creativity and helping fashion entrepreneurs navigate the industry successfully.

workshop whisperer - our clients

Workshop Whisperer

Workshop Whisperer is a trusted consultancy catering to the automotive repair industry. With a focus on business coaching and management strategies, they empower workshop owners and managers to enhance efficiency and profitability. Workshop Whisperer’s expertise in navigating the challenges of the automotive sector makes them an invaluable resource.

nacre - our referral partner

Nacre Consulting

Nacre Consulting is a specialised coaching service for Allied Health Business Owners, offering programs that aim to enhance business performance in terms of team engagement, profit, and client satisfaction. Their expertise includes coordinating home loans, capital facilities, and loans for professional spaces, ensuring tailored financial solutions.

experity - our referral partners

Experity Capital

Experity Capital is a Sydney-based finance and property brokerage, providing a wide range of services including residential, commercial, medical, and business loans. They pride themselves on delivering exceptional outcomes for Australians looking to grow their wealth. Their award-winning service is tailored to offer ultimate choice and flexibility, with access to a vast network of over 40 lenders.

ax3 - our referral partners


Ax3 is a leading accounting and advisory firm in Melbourne, comprised of top-ranked accountants who are dedicated to helping businesses grow and succeed. Whether you are just starting out, looking to scale up, or ready to take your business to the next level, they have the expertise and resources to support you. If you are committed to accelerating your business’s success, look no further than Ax3.

miller prince - our referral partners

Miller Prince

MillerPrince is a specialist Australian law firm, offering corporate and commercial legal services with a unique approach. They prioritise a low associate-to-principal ratio, focusing on complex and strategic matters. By leveraging collective expertise and removing traditional practice distractions, MillerPrince delivers sophisticated and effective solutions, striving for excellence in their areas of expertise.

nia - our referral partners

National Inquiry Agency

National Inquiry Agency (NIA) is a Sydney-based private investigation firm specialising in a broad range of investigative services. They focus on skip tracing, missing persons, background checks, process serving, and corporate investigations. Unique for being founded and led by a female investigator who is also a qualified solicitor, NIA serves lawyers and businesses both nationally and overseas.

legally yours - our referral partners

Legally Yours

Legally Yours is an innovative marketplace connecting individuals with experienced lawyers for various legal needs, both personal and business. It fosters a progressive legal community, supporting lawyers through a network enriched by innovative business collaborations globally. This platform simplifies accessing trusted legal advice and services, ensuring users can find the right legal support.

digit books - our referral partners


Digit is a Perth-based digital bookkeeping firm focusing on Xero bookkeeping, payroll, and business advisory services. They are committed to helping small to medium businesses leverage technology for smarter, more efficient work. With a 100% cloud-based, paperless approach, Digit explores cutting-edge accounting and financial technologies to deliver tailored solutions, ensuring compliance.

hivelight - our referral partners


Hivelight is a cutting-edge productivity platform designed specifically for legal teams, addressing the unique operational challenges of growing firms. It enhances efficiency in managing work, leading teams, and scaling practices without increasing administrative burden. Hivelight offers tools for legal project management, live matter summaries, dashboards and roadmaps for next-generation workflows.

smokeball - our referral partners


Smokeball Legal Practice Management Software offers a range of features designed to improve law firm productivity and profitability, including automatic time tracking, document automation, legal calendaring, email management, and a client portal. It also provides a library of over 20,000 automated legal forms covering more than 250 matter types, alongside powerful insights and reporting.

hindsight legal - our referral partners

Hindsight Legal

Hindsight Legal Consulting focuses on enhancing law firms, in-house legal teams, and software vendors through effective technology use. They specialise in the promotion, selection, and implementation of legal tech solutions to improve efficiency and collaboration within the legal sector. Their services aim to maximise the benefits of technology, facilitating smoother operations and better outcomes.

air accounting - our referral partners

Air Accounting

Air Accounting, a beacon for Australian businesses, propels growth through its future-focused approach, offering modern accounting solutions. Their expert team, committed to excellence, equips passionate businesses with innovative services in CFO, advisory, accounts, and compliance, fostering an environment where companies can thrive and navigate the complexities of financial management.

why property - our referral partners

Why Property Investment

Why Property Investment, led by Mark Navin in Brisbane, offers tailored buyers’ agent services focused on securing prime investment opportunities. They understand each investor’s unique goals, providing market insights and strategic guidance to maximise returns, save time, and minimise risks. Their expertise in identifying the right property investments ensures clients make informed decisions.

search party property - our referral partners

Search Party Property

Search Party Property, focusing on the East Coast of Australia, specialises in investment properties, from units to commercial spaces. They prioritise thorough due diligence, including direct neighbour interviews and detailed property inspections, leveraging strong relationships with real estate agents. Their approach targets properties with high growth and yield potential, catering to investors.

max my profit - our referral partners


MaxMyProfit helps Australian business owners build the companies they’ve always envisioned. Through their Max Business Academy, they offer extensive training, guides, courses, and one-on-one coaching support designed to transition business owners from working in their business to working on it, focusing on profitability and work-life balance. Their approach accelerates business growth and success.

referral marketing guru - our referral partners

The Referral Marketing Guru

Referral Marketing Guru specialises in helping service-based businesses significantly grow their client base through a unique referral system. They focus on ‘Human Marketing’, leveraging strategic partnerships, networks, and cross-promotions to fill your pipeline without traditional advertising. Their approach emphasises building relationships and utilising others’ audiences for sustainable growth.

the accounting division - our clients

The Accounting Division

The Accounting Division is a Sydney-based firm offering comprehensive accounting services tailored to small businesses. They provide expert support in tax accounting, business advisory, and Xero software integration, aiming to enhance financial clarity and operational efficiency for their clients. Their approach includes personalised consultations and strategic planning for small businesses.

lawganised - our referral partners


Lawganised offers management and consultancy services to optimise efficiency in small to medium-sized law firms. Their services include Firmwide Reviews, Virtual General Manager, and Strategic & Business Planning to align firm practices with principals’ goals for improved efficiency and shareholder value. They also provide development workshops and training.