Commercial lawyers Sydney

commercial lawyers sydney

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Commercial lawyers Sydney

Having the right commercial lawyer for your Sydney business is crucial in getting the deal done and staying ahead of your competition. If legal challenges arise, having a local commercial lawyer as part of your team is fundamental to your success and in ensuring you have strong representation.

Progressive Legal is a Sydney based commercial and intellectual property (IP) law firm specialising in: tailored commercial legal documents, terms and conditions, waivers and disclaimers, privacy policies, and providing commercial legal advice.

As one of the highest rated Sydney-based commercial law firms, you can count on us for commercial legal services that are affordable, personable and reputable. Contact us today for a no-obligation free quote.

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We’ve worked with many different Sydney based businesses to give them a competitive edge while helping to enforce their rights. Some of our Sydney commercial law work includes:

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Commercial Law NSW FAQs

How can a commercial lawyer help you?

A commercial lawyer in Sydney can provide valuable assistance to businesses in various legal matters. They can offer expert guidance on contract drafting, negotiation, and review, ensuring your interests are protected. Additionally, they can help with business formation, compliance with regulations, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution. By partnering with a commercial lawyer, your business can navigate complex legal issues, minimise risks, and make informed decisions.

What are examples of commercial laws in NSW?

Here are some examples of commonly encountered commercial laws in New South Wales (NSW):

  • Sale of Goods: The Sale of Goods Act governs contracts for the sale and purchase of goods, including provisions related to warranties, delivery, and title transfer.
  • Leasing and Tenancy: Commercial leasing laws regulate agreements between landlords and tenants, outlining rights, obligations, rent determination, and dispute resolution processes.
  • Consumer Guarantees: The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) guarantees certain consumer rights, including guarantees of acceptable quality, fitness for purpose, and remedies for faulty goods or services.
  • Employment Contracts: The Fair Work Act sets out minimum employment conditions, such as minimum wages, working hours, leave entitlements, and protections against unfair dismissal.
  • Competition and Anti-Competitive Practices: The Competition and Consumer Act (CCA) prohibits anti-competitive conduct, such as cartel behaviour, price fixing, and misuse of market power.

What commercial legal documents can we provide?

Here is non-exhaustive list of the legal documents we can provide for your business:

  • Advice in relation to Confidentiality Agreement
  • Deed of Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Website Terms & Conditions
  • Event Terms & Conditions
  • Website Privacy Policy
  • GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy
  • Waiver / Disclaimer
  • Referral Agreement / Affiliate Agreement
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Supplier Agreement
  • Influencer Agreement
  • Consultancy Agreement
  • White Label Agreement
  • Hire Agreement

Is a commercial lawyer the same as a commercial solicitor?

In NSW, the terms “commercial lawyer” and “commercial solicitor” are often used interchangeably. Both refer to legal professionals specialising in commercial law, offering guidance on various business-related legal matters. The distinction between the two terms is minimal, and the key factor is to engage a legal professional with expertise in commercial law to address your business’s specific legal needs.

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As one of the highest rated Sydney-based commercial law firms, you can count on us for commercial legal services that are affordable, personable and reputable. Contact us today for a no-obligation free quote.