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At Progressive Legal, we understand that it is challenging balancing all your business activities with your legal obligations. We know that unfortunately, legals will sometimes slip down the list of priorities as they are not necessarily income producing, which is a real danger. To help you overcome this challenge, our small business legal services are affordable, accessible, and tailored to your business needs.

Our experienced team of Sydney business lawyers can help small business owners like yourself with a number of small business legal services.


You can find our business lawyers in Sydney at 801, Level 8/100 William St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011. We assist clients Australia wide.

Small Business Legal Advice

Depending on your small business’ needs and areas of concern, we can provide you with tailored and practical legal advice and small business legal documents on topics such as:

Trade Marks and Intellectual Property

We help small businesses register Australian and international trade marks and manage the practical processes such as submissions, oppositions, objections, evidence of use, letters of consent, trade mark infringement, and trade mark disputes.

We’ve now registered or advised on close to 1,000 trade marks both here and internationally for clients. We’re also registered agents for New Zealand trade marks as well as Australia. The firm has a network of local agents all around the world for international trade mark applications.

We also provide practical and quick advice about the protection of a small business’ intellectual property, including non-disclosure agreements or deeds of confidentiality, intellectual property protection within employment contracts or independent contractor agreements, supply agreements or IP licence agreements.

Find out more about our trade mark legal services here.

Corporate Law and Structuring

We provide small businesses with tailored legal advice and documents on areas of corporate law that are relevant to their circumstances, including incorporation, holding companies and trading entities, shareholders agreements, share sale agreements, share vesting, corporate law advice, structuring and other related advice.

The legal structure of a business is so vital from a legal risk perspective and we’ve helped thousands of small businesses through this process to obtain significant risk reductions as well as peace of mind.

Find out more about our commercial law services here.

Privacy Law

Based on thorough research and discussions with you, we can draft your business’  privacy policy and any associated advice. We also offer GDPR compliant privacy policies as well.

With privacy law becoming a hot-topic around the world now and clients/customers starting to insist on clients having a privacy policy in place, it has become more standard business practice rather than best practice to have one.

If your small business collects certain health, medical or financial information, it may be mandatory that you are required to have one, regardless of your turnover.

Find out more about privacy law here.

Legal Documents and Contracts

We can provide you with a wide range of tailored legal documents in areas such as Intellectual Property Law, Commercial Law, Privacy Law, Workplace Law, Corporate Law and Litigation or Dispute Resolution.

Only tailored legal documents will provide you with enough protection to adequately cover your small business for its activities. Otherwise, you will be necessarily leaving your small business open to unnecessary legal risks.

Workplace Law

We help small business owners comply with their legal obligations in the workplace. Whether that’s drafting employment contracts or independent contractor agreements, providing advice about legal issues with respect to employees, termination and dismissal.

We help small businesses navigate the various laws concerning different types of employment and resolve common problems such as unfair dismissal and unlawful termination.

We also draft Codes of Conduct, Social Media Policies, Sponsorship Agreements and Equal Employment and Opportunity Policies (EEO) for small businesses.

Dispute Resolution

We can help you resolve any disputes the business may have with other business entities or consumers. We specialise in commercial and intellectual property disputes, cease and desist correspondence, trade mark infringement letters, copyright infringement letters and Court proceedings.

Letters of demand and statutory demands are also frequently drafted by our expert small business lawyers. We have vast experience in handling disputes of all types of commercial and corporate matters.

Find out more about our dispute resolution services here.

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