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Progressive Legal’s small business lawyers offer a wide range of online legal services to provide businesses with legal advice and protection. Tailored to your modern business and service needs, our online legal services are practical, fast, fixed-fee and delivered in plain English.

Looking for legal services online? Have a look at the range of different service areas we can help your small business with below.

Not sure whether your business complies with Australian Law now that you’ve moved it online?

Most if not all of our clients are operating online in some capacity. How can you make sure your business remains protected when transacting with an individual or a business that you haven’t met before?

The problem is you don’t get to vet them before they purchase from you which is a danger for most small businesses.

Small Business Legal Advice

Depending on your small business’ needs and areas of concern, we can provide you with tailored and practical legal advice and small business legal documents on topics such as:

Trade Marks and Intellectual Property (IP)

Progressive Legal can help you with trade mark applications, objections, oppositions and submissions. Work with our trade mark lawyers to get your brand protected today.

We can help you with:

Commercial Legal Advice and Tailored Documents

We provide your business with tailored documents and advice around commercial law. Our legal documents and advice are customised to your business needs and will provide you with a lot of confidence to transact in the market.


Our team of expert online lawyers can provide you with advice on:

Privacy Law

We are happy to review or draft your privacy policy to make sure that your business complies with Privacy Law obligations. There are many template privacy policies out there that don’t actually cover Australian businesses for what they need to comply with Australian Privacy Law.

If you need us to review yours or draft it to make sure you comply with all the relevant laws, please fill out an enquiry form and we will get in touch.

We can help you with:

Workplace Legal Advice and Tailored Documents

Workplace law can be an extremely tricky and dangerous area of law to navigate without expert advice. Business owners need to be aware of the proper awards, categorisation of employees, employees v contractors, proper classification of casual employment, part-time employment or full-time employment and what each of those categorisations means for leave entitlements, leave loading, accruing of annual leave.

This is where our online legal advice in Australia and tailored documents come in handy. We can help you draft a wide range of workplace law documents at fixed prices, including:

Workplace Law

We help small business owners comply with their legal obligations in the workplace. Whether that’s drafting employment contracts or independent contractor agreements, providing advice about legal issues with respect to employees, termination and dismissal.

We help small businesses navigate the various laws concerning different types of employment and resolve common problems such as unfair dismissal and unlawful termination.

We also draft Codes of Conduct, Social Media Policies, Sponsorship Agreements and Equal Employment and Opportunity Policies (EEO) for small businesses.

Corporate Law and Structuring Advice

Make sure your business is set up for success with the right legal structure. We may recommend transitioning your business into a proprietary limited company (Pty Ltd) if your business involves any legal risk or if you have personal assets you wish to protect. 

If you’re in business with others, a shareholders’ agreement is crucial for so many reasons but one large one is to make sure that if there is ever a dispute between the owners, then at least there are rules that govern what happens, otherwise it can be a complete mess and extremely expensive exercise. If you have a proper and considered shareholders agreement in place, it gives the business the best chance of success and reduces the possibility for misunderstandings or disputes to happen in the first place.  

We can help you with:

Dispute Resolution

We have extensive experience in dispute resolution of all types of commercial and intellectual property law matters and can assist your business by providing you with advice about the prospects of the success of a claim, represent your business, engage in cost saving negotiations, recover unpaid debts or defend litigation proceedings from outsiders. 

Businesses get into disputes all the time, it could be someone defaming your business online, it could be trade mark infringement or copyright infringement, it could be a debtor that refuses to pay, a client alleging negligence or breach of contract, a web development agreement that has gone wrong, a dispute with a contractor or employee. We can assist with almost any dispute your business might encounter.

We can also provide you with legal advice on other aspects of dispute resolution, including:

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