What do I need to trade mark?

We have seen it happen too many times – and the consequences can be frightening.

Names are becoming more and more scarce and a lot of businesses are starting to take a very active interest in securing their intellectual property.

The cost of potentially going through a rebrand is a scary proposition for any business owner.

Not just the cost of having to change all your branding, documents, contracts, new business name registrations, domain names, business cards, stationery, flyers, social media handles – let alone the business frustration and interruption!

It’s much safer to get your trade marks in Australia registered, and get them registered now.

It’s not as expensive as you might think. Small investment now to protect your business down the track. The stitch-in-time, will save nine.


Logos and tag-lines are valuable trade marks for your brand

These aren’t necessarily in order of preference in terms of protection.

A business could have a generic name but seek to protect their logo first or their tag line because of the relative importance of it or perhaps the amount of time, effort and cost in producing the logo for instance.

It really is a case-by-case basis and some quick advice from a professional is invaluable.

Have a think about the brand Nike for a moment. That brand has so much value in “Just Do It” and the swoosh, that each the name, the logo and the tag line are virtually the same in terms of recognition for the brand. They are all synonymous with the brand.