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We’ll help protect and safeguard your trade marks today. You can find our Sydney office at 801, Level 8/100 William St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011 (view in Google Maps).

Trade Mark Attorney Legal Services

Our team of trade mark attorneys provide expert legal advice on trade mark registration, costs, objections, oppositions & submissions. Trade mark attorneys have a specific knowledge of and expert qualification in intellectual property (IP) law. Let’s protect your business today. We can help you with:

  • Trade mark law
  • Designs
  • Copyright
  • Trade practices; and
  • General commercial law.

If you have any questions about trade marks, get in touch with our expert trade mark attorneys today.

Specialist Legal Advice

We have some excellent specialist Intellectual Property (IP) lawyers, registered trade mark attorneys and commercial lawyers as part of the team.

At the end of the day, there is no substitute for experience and ability. We pride ourselves on our service, attention to detail and providing affordable and practical advice to Australian Small Business.

We have members of the firm that have filed thousands of trade marks both here in Australia, and internationally with a very high degree of success.

We can also provide some services which even some specialised IP firms don’t feel comfortable in terms of intellectual property assignments, licensing agreements and more complex legal advice around the protection of trade marks and other intellectual property.

You also have the benefit of knowing that if any issues arise in relation to any of the trade marks, we have specialist dispute resolution lawyers with experience in the trade mark dispute space that can handle any of your matters, so you’re in good hands.

Looking forward to working with you and protecting your valuable intellectual property.

At the end of the day it is about the experience of the person that is providing the advice to you. Whether that is a registered trade mark attorney or a qualified lawyer, we recommend you seek advice from someone who is very experienced in this area as it is very specialised. Best man/woman for the job!

Video: Why have a lawyer or a trade mark attorney register your trade mark for you?

Trade Mark Attorney FAQs

Find out more about trade mark attorney services below.

Why you should choose a trade mark attorney

Whether you choose to have a trade mark lawyer or trade mark attorney file your trade marks is really a decision you should make based on the experience and quality of the particular individual. Lucky we have both trade mark lawyers and registered trade mark attorneys working at the firm.

The great thing about trade mark attorneys is that they have completed a special course in trade marks and so they have some really great working knowledge about the trade marking process and also overcoming objections, consents, oppositions and evidence of use submissions.

Trade mark attorney qualifications

A trade mark attorney normally hasn’t graduated with a Law Degree and doesn’t have the right to practise as a Lawyer or Barrister (therefore, they can’t provide legal advice), however they are registered with the Trans Tasman IP Attorneys Board and limited to only advising in relation to trade mark law matters.

What is the difference between a trade marks attorney and a lawyer?

Although a trade mark attorney has specialised skill in providing advice in relation to trade marks, just like a licensed conveyancer has knowledge to act in relation to the sale and purchase of real estate – should a dispute arise in relation to the trade mark or Court proceedings, then ordinarily the trade mark attorney will not be able to act as they are prohibited from doing so and are not insured to provide that advice.

Usually, only a qualified lawyer can do so, or if at any stage, the matter requires legal advice from a legally qualified lawyer.

Lucky we have both trade mark lawyers and registered trade mark attorneys working at the firm.

Professional Experience?

Although some trade mark attorneys may have more experience than some other lawyers (if they don’t do a lot in the trade mark space), it is preferable to have a trade mark lawyer represent you if they are very experienced in the trade mark arena, as they have higher duties to you from a legal perspective, fiduciary duties to you as a client to act in your best interests and all of their advice is covered by legal professional privilege under the Legal Profession Act.

In addition, should there be any disputes arise in relation to the trade mark, you don’t then have to engage a law firm after already engaging a trade mark attorney, which does save costs and preserves all legal communications and advice.

As mentioned, great to have a firm acting for you that has both registered trade mark attorneys and lawyers, so you won’t have to brief someone else and incur those extra costs in that event.

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