Employment Lawyers Melbourne

employment Lawyers Melbourne

You can find our Melbourne employment lawyers at: C/- Hart & Co, Central House, 101 Moray Street, South Melbourne

Employment Lawyers Melbourne

From negotiating the terms of employment contracts to providing advice on bullying laws and anti-bullying strategies, our local Melbourne based employment lawyers are trained to address a variety of complex legal issues.

We’ve provided:

  • Full-time employment contracts, part-time employment contracts and casual employment contracts to Melbourne businesses;
  • Independent contractors agreements and advice about employees v contractors;
  • Advice to business owners in relation to restraint of trade clauses, anti-compete provisions and cascading clauses in employment contracts;
  • Termination and dismissals including summary dismissals;
  • Advice in relation to breach of intellectual property provisions of employment contracts;
  • Performance management advice;
  • Restructuring advice and redundancies; and Policies, procedures, manuals, social media policies, working from home policies and associated advice.

Who We Help

Examples of Melbourne based businesses we’ve helped have included:

  • Advising NSW sporting organisation on termination of an underperforming executive director and shareholder.
  • Advising ASX listed professional services business on stand-downs, salary reduction and staff redundancy across the during COVID-19.
  • Preparation of a unique employee share scheme (ESS) for the executive employees of a Victoria wide commercial construction business.
  • Advising ASX listed software company restructuring their organisation and making substantial redundancies.

Melbourne employment lawyer Roxy HartThe team of Melbourne employment lawyers at Progressive Legal are trained to provide advice and representation on a wide range of legal issues that often arise in the workplace.

Workplace Legal Documents and Services

From negotiating contracts to resolving workplace disputes, Progressive Legal has a proven track record of helping thousands of companies with workplace and employment law issues.

Employment Lawyers Melbourne

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