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Register Your Trademarks

Registering your trademarks is crucial to protect your brand identity and gain exclusive rights to your distinctive marks, logos, and slogans. By securing your trademark, you safeguard yourself from potential trademark infringement and unauthorised use by competitors.

Trademarks also enhance consumer trust and brand recognition, helping you stand out in the marketplace. Moreover, registered trademarks have greater legal strength and can be enforced through litigation, enabling you to defend their intellectual property and maintain a competitive edge.

Our team of trademark lawyers and attorneys provide expert legal advice on trade mark registration, costs, objections, oppositions & submissions. Let’s protect your business today.

Trademark Lawyers Will Protect Your IP

Intellectual Property (IP) law and trademarks in Australia are becoming a hot topic of conversation.

IP generally, is becoming more and more valuable as businesses invest in technology and new ways of doing things.

New trademarks, designs, patentable inventions, technical know how, automation, inventive steps, processes and secrets are all worth protecting.

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We provide a full range of trademark services for business owners and individuals in Melbourne:

Trademarks explained in 2 minutes by Ian

A trademark is a distinguishing mark used to differentiate similar goods and services from your competitors. It can be a business name, logo, tag-line, slap-line, by-line, derivative product, shape, type of packaging, scent or colour.

“Ian and his team helped me sort out a trademark in an efficient, uncomplicated fashion.”

Lisa Burling, LBPR

Trademark Lawyers Melbourne

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