New Zealand trade mark registration

If you receive an examination report, you will have 12 months from the date your application was filed to respond to the report.  It’s best to get expert advice on how to overcome the objections raised.

Once you receive the notice of acceptance, your trade mark application is advertised in the Trade Marks Journal and open for a period of 3 months, which allows others the opportunity to object to the mark if they have an objection.

If no opposition is filed against your trade mark, your application will proceed to registration.

The earliest your New Zealand trade mark can be registered is six months after the filing date.

IPONZ put together a step-by-step guide that helps make the process easy to understand.

The New Zealand trade mark registration costs

We charge a flat fee of AUD850 + GST + Government charges, if it’s a brand new application.

If you already have an application on foot in Australia, or a registered trade mark and wish to trade mark in New-Zealand, we charge AUD425 +GST + Government charges.

The Government charges are NZD150 per class per application.

Be very wary of those law firms or IP attorneys that charge per class. We understand why they would do this in that it takes a bit longer for each application when extra classes are added and activities need to be identified. However, in our experience, it doesn’t truly represent the real time involved. Additionally, it provides further disincentive for clients to get the protection that they need.