Tailored Legal Documents

Commercial Law

Most online precedents do not properly cover you for what you’re doing if the matter went to Court. That’s why you need tailored legal documents and advice to protect you and the business.

Advice in relation to Confidentiality Agreement

$350 + GST

Deed of Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement

$700 + GST

Website Terms & Conditions / Terms of Trade

$1400 + GST

Website Privacy Policy

$350 + GST

Waiver / Disclaimer

$375 + GST

Referral Agreement / Affiliate Agreement

$1,200 + GST

Distribution Agreement

$1,200 + GST

Influencer Agreement

$750 + GST

Company Law

The legal structure for your business is vitally important for success. We find that businesses don’t incorporate fast enough and leave the business owner and their assets open to risk.

Shareholders Agreement

$1,850 + GST

Partnership Agreement

$1,850 + GST

Joint Venture Agreement

$1,850 + GST