Patents: recent cases and new developments

Patents: recent cases and new developments – 1h Free Webinar – available September 2020

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Dr Andrew Jones, Lester Miller & Kieran Power from Foundry IP will cover:

  1. The demise of the innovation patent;
  2. Why you need to tell all when filing a patent application;
  3. Some clarity around the patentability of software-based and computer-implemented inventions – recent decisions in patentable subject matter; and
  4. Significant changes in design laws.

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The experts

Kieran Power

Kieran has had an extensive global career in computer science and electrical engineering.

Early on, he held research engineer positions, and in recent times, that of CTO. He has been a registered Trans-Tasman patent attorney for over two decades.

Dr Andrew Jones

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Andrew is a registered Trans-Tasman Patent and Trade Mark Attorney and has about 17 years’ experience in the profession.

He spent over 10 years at one of Australia’s top-tier IP law firms before deciding to spread his entrepreneurial wings and found Foundry Intellectual Property in 2013.

Lester Miller

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Lester invested five years as a design engineer in Australia’s heavy industries – locomotive and steelmaking, before entering the IP profession.

He is now a registered Trans-Tasman Patent and Trade Mark Attorney of more than 17 years’ experience.

The Host

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Ian Aldridge

Principal Lawyer, Progressive Legal

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Ian Aldridge started Progressive Legal® over 6 years ago, and changed the way law is delivered in Australia.

With the Legal Shield™ packages, Progressive Legal made legal protection more affordable for Australian small businesses.

Today, Progressive Legal CPD™ is making your CPD requirements as a Lawyer more affordable and valuable for your law practice.

About Progressive Legal CPD

We’ve found in the past that webinars for lawyers (especially free ones!) don’t provide really good practical knowledge, especially in the mandatory subject areas.

Some people we spoke to expressed frustration and disappointment that most mandatory webinars were either extremely boring, not helpful, useful or practical, or they were annoyed that their time was wasted, or were essentially just a sales pitch for someone else’s product.

Our goal is to provide better CPD programs to lawyers that will provide better webinars with practical knowledge, instead of just “ticking the box” each year. We believe this type of education should provide useful tips for day-to-day activities.

We’re going to organise great content from experts, asking common questions from lawyers and interviewed by us from that legal perspective.

*Seminars and other CPD activities are not accredited by The Law Society of New South Wales. Under the CPD Rules, if this particular educational activity is relevant to your immediate or long term needs in relation to your professional development and practice of the law, then you should claim one “unit” for each hour of attendance, refreshment breaks not included. The annual requirement is ten (10) units each year from 1 April to 31 March.

Available September 2020, register now!

Simply fill out the form with your details and you’ll receive a link to view the webinar as soon as it’s ready.

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