5 Key Metrics that you need to Grow Your Law Firm

5 Key Metrics that you need to Grow Your Law Firm – 1h Free Webinar – available now!

Learn how to grow your Law firm, with Jeremy Streten, Lawyer and Author of The Business Legal Lifecycle.

Join us and learn:

1. The 5 key metrics and the growth your business can experience when using them;

2. Practical tips to make your business more efficient; and

3. A Plan of Action that you can take away to take real action in your business.

The link to download the workbook is in our registration email.

The Host:

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Ian Aldridge

Principal Lawyer, Progressive Legal

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Ian Aldridge started Progressive Legal® over 6 years ago, and changed the way law is delivered in Australia.

With the Legal Shield™ packages, Progressive Legal made legal protection more affordable for Australian small businesses.

Today, Progressive Legal CPD™ is making your CPD requirements as a Lawyer more affordable and valuable for your law practice.

The Expert:

Jeremy Streten

Jeremy Streten

Lawyer, Founder and Author of The Business Legal Lifecycle

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Jeremy is a Lawyer Coach, Mastermind Facilitator, Lawyer and Author of Amazon Best Selling book The Business Legal Lifecycle.

He’s also the CEO of Business Legal Lifecycle, a tool that you can use to identify the blindspots in your business.

*Seminars and other CPD activities are not accredited by The Law Society of New South Wales. Under the CPD Rules, if this particular educational activity is relevant to your immediate or long term needs in relation to your professional development and practice of the law, then you should claim one “unit” for each hour of attendance, refreshment breaks not included. The annual requirement is ten (10) units each year from 1 April to 31 March.


About Progressive Legal CPD

We’ve found in the past that webinars for lawyers (especially free ones!) don’t provide really good practical knowledge, especially in the mandatory subject areas.

Some people we spoke to expressed frustration and disappointment that most mandatory webinars were either extremely boring, not helpful, useful or practical, or they were annoyed that their time was wasted, or were essentially just a sales pitch for someone else’s product.

Our goal is to provide better CPD programs to lawyers that will provide better webinars with practical knowledge, instead of just “ticking the box” each year. We believe this type of education should provide useful tips for day-to-day activities.

We’re going to organise great content from experts, asking common questions from lawyers and interviewed by us from that legal perspective.

We hope you enjoy this webinar and the useful tips.

If you have any comments or suggestions for future webinars for CPD, please feel free to get in touch here or call 0421974133.

Kind regards,
Ian Aldridge