Australian Trade Mark Registration

If all clear, then it proceeds to the advertisement stage for a period of 2 months, which allows others the opportunity to object to the mark if they have an objection.

If there is a problem with the mark at the examination stage, an examination report will be provided and give you the opportunity to respond to the objections depending on what they are.

The whole process usually takes 6 or so months but it is well worth the wait to have your intellectual property secured and you receive priority rights the day you file the application.

The most commonly trade marked items

The most commonly trade marked items for most Australian businesses are the business name, logo, tag-line / slogan / by-line / slap-line, and derivative product names.

The Australian trade mark registration costs

We charge a flat fee $850 + GST + government charges to file a trade mark, then $275 + GST for ongoing management of the trade mark up to final registration.

Be very wary of those law firms or IP attorneys that charge per class. We understand why they would do this in that it takes a bit longer for each application when extra classes are added and activities need to be identified. However, in our experience, it doesn’t truly represent the real time involved. Additionally, it provides further disincentive for clients to get the protection that they need.

The government charges are $330 per class per application for a headstart application and $250 per class per application for a straightforward application.

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