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Intellectual Property (IP) law and trade marks in Australia are becoming a hot topic of conversation.

IP generally, is becoming more and more valuable as businesses invest in technology and new ways of doing things. New trade marks, designs, patentable inventions, technical know how, automation, inventive steps, processes and secrets are all worth protecting.

The internet is the driving force behind most of the change and for some businesses, like AirBnB, Facebook and Uber, a lot of their balance sheet is IP.

If you’re a business owner, you probably already have a common law trademark.  But having a registered trade mark allows you to prevent others from infringing your intellectual property rights. For example, you can stop someone else from confusing the market as to who the rightful owner of a trade mark is.

Trade Marks explained in 2 minutes by Ian

A trade mark is a distinguishing mark used to differentiate similar goods and services from your competitors.

It can be a business name, logo, tag-line, slap-line, by-line, derivative product, shape, type of packaging, scent or colour.

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Get in touch if you’d like a quote for your trade marks.

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